Jesus Christ, who is sovereign, looks at all of your life and declares, "That is mine!"


Mission Statement
The mission of Arizona Christian Worldview Institute is to honor Jesus Christ by providing education and training for His church. We offer educational courses and programs for enrichment and personal growth, without requiring students to commit to a long-term degree program. Our goal is to enable adult believers to discover and embrace a biblical worldview and integrate that view into every area of life.

Purpose Statement
The Arizona Christian Worldview Institute exists to fill a need in the state of Arizona: the need for continuing education and biblical training of Christ's church. Many believers want to gain a deeper understanding of the Bible and their faith, but there's a catch.

Most programs and courses offered by Bible institutes and seminaries are a part of their degree programs, and in order to take advantage of the biblical training, you are required to sign up for the degree or certificate program. But what if you just want to take one or two classes?

Most of us can’t afford the time or expense of an advanced-degree program. ACWI allows you to stay at your current job, without having to uproot your family and move to a new location.

That's why we developed our radio ministry, Every Square Inch. And that's why we offer short-term training  - mostly 1-day  workshops and conferences, where you can discover, develop, and improve your gifts and still serve your local church. You can learn at your own pace, taking only those courses that interest you.

In addition to our radio program, we also operate ACW Publications, which publishes a few  select titles that match ACWI’s mission and purpose. Learn more here.

Our Colors

The colors of ACWI are significant and were chosen with great care. The red represents the blood of our Savior, Jesus Christ; the tan or beige represents the sand of the Arizona desert, which ACWI calls home.

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