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April 19, 2006. The Arizona Christian Worldview Institute (ACWI) is proud to announce its co-sponsorship of the upcoming “Force for Change” conference. The two-part conference is April 21-22 and May 5-6 at Shiloh Community Church in north Phoenix.

The “Force for Change” conference is billed as a “Transformational Conference for Church Leaders.” It targets not just pastors, but lay leaders as well.

Arizona Christian Worldview Institute’s founder, Keith Shull, commented: “We believe that this conference is a natural fit for us. The conference is all about the church of Jesus Christ making a difference in the local community, and that’s what we are tying to do with ACWI. We’re a group of Christians who saw a need in Arizona, and are working to meet that need.”

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April 12, 2006. The Arizona Christian Worldview Institute (ACWI) is excited to introduce itself to the Phoenix metro area.  

Arizona Christian Worldview Instituteoffers educational courses and programs for Christian believers to discover and embrace a biblical worldview and integrate that view into every area of life. This summer, ACWI will offer its first courses in the Phoenix area.

Nearly every church offers Sunday School classes or small group studies. So why is a new ministry like ACWI needed -- and why now?”
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